HIV PEP Clinic Singapore

HIV PEP Clinic SingaporeIf there is a possibility that an individual has been exposed to the HIV infection that develops into AIDS, an antiretroviral is available called Post exposure Prophylaxis or “PEP”.in HIV PEP Singapore clinic,Elyonclinic. This treatment is intended to prevent the actual infection of HIV from taking place.

Many use this if they have been personally subjected to the virus, but many individuals use the Post exposure Prophylaxis in a prudent manner. This usually occurs in an occupational setting. Since individuals that work in health care facilities are consistently exposed to individuals that may have HIV, more and more facilities are starting to make this treatment mandatory.

If an individual is exposed to HIV, the Post exposure Prophylaxis in HIV PEP Clinic Singapore, Elyonclinic is a sound means of preventing a more challenging health issue to arise. For individuals that are subjected to body fluids from a potential AIDS patient, certain guidelines should be followed. First, the fluids should be removed from the body as soon as possible.

The HIV PEP Clinic Singapore, Elyonclinic clean the area with rubbing alcohol as quickly as possible. If another individual is bleeding, the area should be cleaned and immediately bandaged to successfully limit some fluids that people and objects in the area are subjected to.

Data received from studies surrounding Post exposure Prophylaxis have indicated that if this type of treatment is administered within a period of three days after potential exposure, it may successfully combat the chance that the virus will settle into the body.

While there are many different treatments available today that successfully treat the symptoms associated with AIDS and HIV, there is no 100% preventive measure apart from following the basic preventive measures such as refraining from sex, avoiding substance abuse that involves needles and sharing objects that may contain traces of human body fluids.But if you got the virus visit HIV PEP Clinic Singapore, Elyonclinic for test and treatment

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