Know What is Satellite Broadcasting Singapore

Satellite broadcasting is the distribution of video content over a satellite network. That is, audio and video signals are acquired at the origination point and then transmitted through an uplink truck to a geo-synchronous satellite. The next step, orbiting satellite will re-transmits the signal to a predetermined geographical area over an open and secure channel. Finally, the small & inexpensive downlinks will receive the signal and display the content on television monitors.

Generally, speaking, typical components of satellite broadcasting Singapore includes:

– Production crew: line-producer, technical director, technical director, director, technical director, audio, technical director and engineering
– Production equipment: lights,  cameras, microphones, switchers, uplink truck
– A team of technicians at the source end and a downlink, as well as tuner and television monitor at each destination location.

Many People will doubt that what type of events can be broadcast? Well, if there is adequate room for proper lighting, cameras, microphones, nearly any type of meeting or event can be broadcast. In fact, many organizations are using satellite broadcasting to make enterprise-wide announcements, to publicize significant events and to launch products.

Satellite broadcasting plays an important role in our daily life. When most people are watching a broadcast on a television set, then the quality will be as good as their local television reception. Satellite broadcasting in Singapore is able to provide equal quality of signal as the quality seen on broadcast television. What is more, this technology also allows a large, geographically dispersed group of individuals in Singapore hear and see the same message at the same time with a high quality level transmission.

There are many satellite broadcasting providers in Singapore, how to choose the best one that suits your need? Reliable partners will make your business smoothly. You will need to understand the provider’s engineering skill sets & associated rates so that you can obtain in time service when you need remote hands. Broadcasters who provide satellite broadcasting services from Singapore are required to obtain a Satellite Broadcasting Licence from the Media Development Authority (MDA). In other words, when looking for a reliable satellite broadcasting provider, company with Satellite Broadcasting Licence should be your priority.

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