The Benefits of Serviced Apartment in Singapore

Serviced apartment Singapore

A serviced apartment is essentially an apartment that’s fully furnished and offers the privacy and comforts of your home, but offers the same level of care, service, and support as more conventional hotel accommodation.

As the popularity of this accommodation option has increased so has the number of serviced apartment blocks being constructed around Singapore and marketed to visitors from abroad. So what particularly are the benefits of a serviced apartment over staying in a hotel?

A larger amount of space

Serviced apartment Singapore offers both business and leisure travelers a larger amount of space to reside comfortably as opposed to a conventional hotel. Even hotel suites, which come with a higher price tag often do not offer the same level of spacious accommodation with different rooms for living and sleeping that a serviced apartment does.

A more affordable option

With the global recession affecting most travelers, many are choosing to travel on a budget and a serviced apartment offers a more affordable accommodation option to hotels.

It is especially true for a family of four, choosing to stay for more than five days. Some of the key cost savings of serviced apartments in Singapore stem from the fact that you are not charged for any hidden extra charges such as drinks from the mini-bar, room service charges, office bureau services, breakfast and wireless internet access. By knowing all your costs from the outset, helps you keep within a budget for your leisure or business trip.

Virtually all serviced apartments in Singapore contain kitchens fitted with all the latest appliances and a visit to a local supermarket is all it takes to prepare meals that suit your preferences and palette.

Your Own Space and Privacy

Having your personal space and privacy is another key benefit why many travelers opt for serviced apartments. With separate living & sleeping areas, you can receive and entertain clients and friends, rather than share a hotel lounge with others or receive them in your hotel bedrooms.

Apartments also offer the advantage of better sound insulation with less noise traveling between rooms, thus reducing the likelihood of being disturbed by another guest who has different sleeping schedules to your own.

The same conveniences as a hotel

Most serviced apartment Singapore will have your rooms cleaned every day, make your beds, refresh the towels and linen and have an in-house concierge desk that can help answer your queries, arrange for sightseeing tours and provide you with guidance on local attractions, shopping, places to eat and getting around Singapore.

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