Understanding Home Contents Insurance Singapore

home-contents-insuranceThey may have got home buildings insurance as it is mandatory to take out the policy to get approved for mortgage loans and think they are secure. But that is not the case. Home buildings insurance only protects the shell of your home, not the contents inside. A proper calculation of the sum value of all their belongings will make them convinced about the necessity for having home contents insurance.

This type of insurance protects all your possessions against fire, theft, natural calamities, etc. If such an unexpected thing takes place, all your valuable possessions that are acquired over the years will be lost. It would be impossible for many to replace all of them by themselves. So you have to protect those items with adequate home contents insurance.

To take out home contents insurance Singapore, the first thing you will have to do is to prepare an inventory. The list must include all your belongings ranging from cheapest to the costliest. Make sure you do not miss out on any of the items, even if it worth only some pennies. This is because the total cost of such cheap items can add up to a considerable amount. So, to make sure you take a walk through each room and note down the things one by one.

Even better is to record the inventory on a video tape. Ensure you take a copy of the record and keep at a location other than your home. If your home gets fire and all the things are burned down, including the tape, it will not do any good for you. It is also important to highlight special items like jewelry or an antique.

While getting the cover ask about whether the company would replace all the things lost by new items or whether they would take the wear and tear factor into consideration and depreciate it from the sum. Another thing to know is exclusion. Some companies do not include particular items having value more than a certain limit. For example, if your precious jewelry gets excluded, there is no point in opting for such cover.

Getting adequate cover without paying too high is what you have to look for. For finding an inexpensive policy, you need to spend some time on research. You can also use online methods. There are numerous online insurance providers and the chances for getting competitive deals are higher due to the competition factor. Get quotes from different providers and analyze. As a general rule, get at least five quotes from various insurance providers and do a systematic comparison. Make sure you do not over cover because the result would be higher premiums without any reason.

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